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World Record Guinness: Longest line of burgers

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A record company

Throughout our tour we have achieved two of the most important records in Spain in the meat sector, the longest hamburger in the world and the largest hamburger in the world.

A record company

The Company “Cárnicas Ortolá” from the town of Crevillente, in Alicante, has got a Guinness world Record with the Longest line of burgers, with a line of 5200 units measuring a total of 475.10 meters.
The company beat the previous record whose holder was the company Kuwait Food Co.Americana (Kuwait) with a total of 306,27 metros.
The current record was stated at 13:30 on Sunday 25th of September of 2016 in Paseo la Rambla of Crevillente and has been validated by a World Record Guinness jury, the Italian Lucia Sinigagliesi.
For the validation of the record some requirements were needed: the maximum diameter of the burgers allowed was 12.7cm, which in this case was 10.5cm; the burgers must had at least one topping a part from the meat and the bun, so cheese was the chosen topping in this case; the burgers must be in contact; all the burgers must had to be eaten and the measurement must was done by a certificated technician.
The event was organised by “Cárnicas Ortolá” and for the realization they count with the help of the city hall and the “Asociación de Fiestas de Moros y Cristianos”, which is the organization in charge of the town festival of “Moros y Cristianos”.
A part from the line of burgers, 5000 more burgers were given to the assistants along with drinks.

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